Mobile Ordering Manual

Added on June 20, 2016

The below steps will guide you in setting up your device, and an account for mobile ordering
1. Create an account at, using the ‘create account’ button
2. Download & Install the ‘EasyVend Order’ app, on your Android or iPhone device.
a. From your device, open the ‘Play Store’ or ‘Apple Store’ app, and search for “Easyvend”
3. Open the EasyVend Order app, once installed, and sign in (Check the ‘Remember Me’ box if you wish)
a. Note: your password would have been emailed to you after account creation. Check your inbox.

Placing Orders
Once signed in to the app, you are ready to place orders. The below steps will guide you in placing your first order
1. Click on ‘Online Order Form’
2. Select the delivery date for your order and press ‘Submit’
3. Click a product category to view the products within & input a quantity for any products you wish to order &
press ‘Save’
4. You can view what has been added to your cart so far, by pressing the Shopping Cart button at the top
a. You can opt to continue shopping, or submit the order from this screen
5. You can also submit your order by pressing the ‘process order’ button in the product category screen

Viewing Order History
Your entire order history is stored chronologically for easy viewing. You can also place a new order, based on the quantities of products submitted in any previous order.
1. Click ‘Order History’
2. Browse all previously submitted orders by scrolling down
a. You will see the date, products, and status of each order
i. Status: Submitted = Your order has been placed in the vendors automated retrieval system. No further action is required on your part.
ii. Status: Downloaded = Your order was processed through the vendors delivery system
3. The ‘Reorder’ link beneath each order, will begin a new order, with those product quantities automatically pre-filled for you